Enhance Operational Performance

Reduce total costs with effective processes

Improve Your Financial Health

Boost margins with effective pricing

Increase Control and Compliance

Mitigate risk with effective governance

Connect to our Vertically Integrated Network 

Experience a variety of features right from the start

VinAsset Platform

Helps members gain visibility into each purchasing category, suppliers and other financial metrics.

A comprehensive solution enabling real-time view of expenses.  It is a more efficient way to prepare expense reports, online and in the cloud. The automated expense reporting process ensures proper approvals and accounting verification.



Helps members benchmark themselves against their competition. Gain a competitive advantage by realizing savings and growth.

Leverage strategic partner catalogs to make better buying decisions. The VinAsset platform combines the best eProcurement and expense management technologies into a single platform.  The solution is easy to use, fast to configure and deploy while being extremely cost-effective.

Wineries, breweries and distillers immediately gain access to our best-in-class e-procurement technology and processes while connecting them to a large industry supplier base.  Sourcing the best prices comes with only the click of your mouse.

Make procurement simple.  

Buying products & services is easy 

Utilize our tools to improve financial strength

VinAsset eprocurement

VinAsset’s cloud-based technology platform is the leading solution in the industry that makes it easy to gain visibility and control over all the spend occurring in your company.  The Amazon-like portal and ease-of-use improves your efficiency and increases savings in procurement, expense management and accounts payable.

Realizing value is simple 

An opportunity to access untapped margins

Wine Market share


ALL OTHERS (6,500+)



51% of the market is made up of only three companies who experience:

  • More efficient ordering processes

  • Lower off-contract spending

  • Improved vendor pricing

  • Increased spend visibility

  • Improved compliance

  • Increased stakeholder credibility

  • Lowered internal procurement costs

  • Enhanced employee morale



Wine Market Share in the U.S.



49% of the market is fragmented with no one company making up more than five percent of the overall market resulting in:

  • Minimal leverage on pricing

  • Suboptimal purchasing process

  • High procurement costs

  • Low levels of compliance

  • Pressures on profitability

  • Low levels of efficiency



Fragmentation in the adult beverage industry limits purchasing power.  Becoming a member of VinAsset allows your company to leverage volume and create bargaining power.  Standardizing procurement processes using our cloud-based procurement system offers access to contracts from top suppliers in a range of spend categories.

Scope of product groups

Manage these categories within your spend

All new members can have existing suppliers setup on the supplier network with little effort.


  • Facility Management

  • Maintenance Services

  • Engineering Services

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Environment & Safety

  • Co-manufacturing

  • Fabrication

  • Manufacturing and other equipment

  • PVF, PTB, HVAC and other MRO Supplies


  • Market research

  • Media production/buy

  • Print

  • Creative services

  • Website development

  • Comps

  • Displays

  • Promotions


  • Full Truck Load

  • Less Than Truckload

  • Intermodal

  • Ocean freight

  • Air freight

  • Express mail and small packages

  • 3rd Party Logistics

  • Warehouse

  • Fleet management

  • Value-Added Services


  • IT hardware

  • IT software

  • Maintenance & support

  • IT consulting

  • Outsourcing

  • Telecom hardware

  • Telecom data and voice

  • Wireless

  • Telecom service

Gen & Admin

  • Temp staffing

  • Office supplies

  • Janitorial services

  • Security services

  • HR benefits

  • Facilities & real estate

  • Professional services

  • Air travel

  • Hotels & rental cars

  • Insurance

  • Utilities


  • Stakes

  • Wires

  • Bottles

  • Corks

  • Packaging

  • Capsules

  • Chemicals

  • Barrels

  • Barrel Racks