Coupa Solutions for Food and Beverage

By Coupa Software, Inc

At VinAsset, we utilize a world-class eProcurement platform to give our members high spend visibility and control over all purchases within their organization. In Coupa’s Food and Beverage Solutions Paper, they lay out how our members can enhance their spend management.

Food and beverage operators order large quantities of direct and indirect goods and services – everything from food supplies to receipt rolls, store signage and janitorial services. By controlling these costs (both direct and indirect) without degrading the customer experience, they can boost profit margins.

Coupa delivers the centralized visibility into spending that you need to make smart decisions, negotiate good pricing and keep your costs low, giving you a little more breathing room in your profit margins. And its easy-to-use interface sweetens the purchasing process for everyone involved, from suppliers and distributors to regional buyers and independent owners.

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