Transform How

Customers Buy

Cross-sell & achieve higher average order values 

Drive Higher Revenue & Increased Loyalty

Optimize sales & marketing efforts

Realize Gains from Productivity

Automate order & invoice processing

Realizing value is simple 

Leverage sales and focus on business development




Connect to the VinAsset Supplier Network


Upload your products and/or services


Start receiving orders.  


Its that easy to get started.

Leverage Sales

Transform your business commerce by establishing an online presence that is compatible with the way your customers research, find, purchase, and pay for the goods and services they need to run their business.


Selling online can drive higher revenue and build greater customer loyalty, leading to higher average order value and a greater ability to cross-sell.  Online commerce improves customer service, offers better visibility and control, and is more likely to generate repeat purchases.

Selling products & services is easy 

Connect with buyers through a secure network

VinAsset eprocurement platform

VinAsset’s cloud-based technology platform makes it easy for suppliers to connect with new and existing customers. Suppliers who are connected to the VinAsset Supplier Network are able to sell their products through an Amazon-like platform.  Ease-of-use increases adoption, efficiency and generates significant savings creating a competitive advantage for VinAsset suppliers.

Connect to the VinAsset Supplier Network

Gain a competitive advantage right from the start

Increase sales with automation

Increase Sales with Automation


High fragmentation of customers makes it more expensive, difficult and time consuming to serve a growing number of clients. How does this impact a supplier?

  • High costs of sales & marketing

  • Higher order error rates

  • Increased order costs

  • Difficulty managing price sheets

  • Inefficient market-to-cash cycle

  • Many manual processes 

  • Long payment cycles

  • Difficulty managing T&Cs

  • Reduced productivity



Connect with VinAsset to simplify customer management and gain immediate cost savings.  As a supplier, you can benefit from increases in overall productivity and efficiency utilizing our eProcurement tool.  Reach a larger customer base and accelerate sales with the only solution for the adult beverage industry.

Scope of product groups

Categories managed on VinAsset platform


  • Facility Management

  • Maintenance Services

  • Engineering Services

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Environment & Safety

  • Co-manufacturing

  • Fabrication

  • Manufacturing and other equipment

  • PVF, PTB, HVAC and other MRO Supplies


  • Market research

  • Media production/buy

  • Print

  • Creative services

  • Website development

  • Comps

  • Displays

  • Promotions


  • Full Truckload

  • Less Than Truckload

  • Intermodal

  • Ocean freight

  • Air freight

  • Express mail and small packages

  • 3PL/ Warehouse

  • Fleet management

  • Value-Added Services


  • IT hardware

  • IT software

  • Maintenance & support

  • IT consulting

  • Outsourcing

  • Telecom hardware

  • Telecom data and voice

  • Wireless

  • Telecom service

Gen & Admin

  • Temp staffing

  • Office supplies

  • Janitorial services

  • Security services

  • HR benefits

  • Facilities & real estate

  • Professional services

  • Air travel

  • Hotels & rental cars

  • Insurance

  • Utilities


  • Stakes

  • Wires

  • Bottles

  • Corks

  • Packaging

  • Capsules

  • Chemicals

  • Barrels

  • Barrel Racks