Leveraged Volume

Reduce total costs by aggregating purchases

Transparent Business

Strengthen the integrity of your supply chain

Optimized Value

Eliminate costly and timely processes


How a GPO works today

Members & suppliers realize a variety of benefits 

  • Simplified purchasing

  • Access to a wide variety of suppliers and distributors allowing for greater choice 

  • Access to group contracts

  • Access to the best products for the best prices

  • Reduce costs through automation

  • Get paid faster

  • Reach new customers

  • Reduce sales cycle times

  • Increase revenues with promotions

  • Improved control and visibility

  • Fair and open marketplace

  • Makes purchasing more efficient

  • Helps to realize savings and efficiencies for all

  • Promotes standards that strengthen the integrity of the adult beverage industry

GPOs work in other industries

Why not ours?

Healthcare GPO



Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) have existed in the United States for many years, and are prevelant in the healthcare industry, with over 96% of hospitals participating in the business model.  On average, healthcare GPOs save their members 10 to 15 percent off purchasing costs, saving as much as $33 billion in annual healthcare costs. 



Isn't it about time for the adult beverage industry to adopt the same model?